Is a Flower Beautiful?

Photo [CC BY 2.0] 2012 by DDohler

Agnes Martin states that “‘Beauty is in your mind, not in the rose.’” In this scenario, Martin refers to a physical rose that remains beautiful, even if it is unseen. Beauty is a concept that is both incredibly subjective and also very similar in sense that we can perceive it to be within the same things. In other words, beauty is within the eyes and mind of the beholder, not the subject itself. Most people can say a flower is beautiful, but the aspects that make it beautiful will be different for everyone.

I found this rather challenging to think about considering how much beauty we have the opportunity to see within a day. For instance, there are phenomenal things like sunsets and clouds that we see nearly everyday, however, it’s up to your interpretation to determine if any of it is actually beautiful to you. It’s fascinating to think that we are capable of making things beautiful and changing our perspective on beauty for any and everything.




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