Uncovered Pieces

Pieces (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) 2009 by Kelcy Vogel

In this piece, Nathaniel Mary Quinn has used what appears to be clippings from numerous photos or art pieces to create a face. Additionally, I observed how the artist has chosen to use lighter clippings to create the face and has dark colors surrounding it. It makes me feel as if the face of the individual is someone you can’t talk to or empathize with since they appear as closed off due to the darkness surrounding it. There are so many colors and emotions being presented that you don’t actually know how to define this being.

I find that the purpose or message of this piece is it reestablish that each person has many layers and dimensions that you cannot define from the surface. There can be a lot of light found within darkness, but that’s up to you to discover. You may ask yourself, who do I see in this piece? What do I see in this piece? Do I find myself in the face of chaos?




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